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Self portrait
Self portrait (Jul., 2003 at Hokkaido)
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My self introduction

My Job
I'm working at telecommunication company (such as AT&T or NTT) in Japan. My company provides data transmission services to customers in Chugoku region.
An Internet access service is in one of the services of my company. My job is a plan, employment, etc. of the network for the service.
I'm interested in Internet routing architecture. I'm doing the design and employment of path control by the BGP4 protocol. And I'm interested also in IPv6 which is next-generation Internet Protocol.
My Hobbies
My History
I was born in Tokuyama on December 14, 1973.
And the childhood term was passed in Tokuyama.
I graduated from the school Tokuyama College of Technology. I majored in Computer Science and Electronic Engineering.
Since April, 1994, I'm working at telecommunication company in Hiroshima.
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